About Us

MIT Bodhi Vidhyalaya will offer the curriculum within a framework of well researched Indian and International pedagogies that emphasize experiential learning. Our students are provided opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities that spark innate talents and discover new ones. We encourage real clear sense of themselves as well as a sense of belonging both within the society around them and with the world at large.

We believe in nurturing a love of learning in each child by inspiring our teachers to excel and innovate. They encourage children towards independent research with world-class facilities to aid them in this, while being there to mould and guid them in the right path.

Our school campus is spread over 3 verdant acres which inspires a love of nature in anyone who walks through our doors. Individualized learning hubs, common activity zones, and wel-equipped sports facilities ensure that children develop holistically to their highest potential-whether it is academically, cognitively, emotionally, creatively, or socially.

The confidence, independence, and global thinking that we foster in our students is balanced with the timeless values of respect for all life, living a life of integrity, and being responsible to one’s community.


     "We offer the Best Education for your Children."

     "Our Dreams are Nurtured at Bodhi Vidhyalaya." Bodhi Vidhyalaya aims to offer a nurturing learning environment where the social,physical,emotional and intellectual needs of children are fulfilled, threreby enabling them to grow holistically in every sense.


     "Education is the most Valuable and imperishable wealth to a person, other things are not wealth."

     Bodhi Vidhyalaya inculcates right values in the heart and soul of the youth, We develop the health habits,right attitudes,postive values,desirable skills and interest among the children. We not only implement training of the intellect but also the refinement of heart and discipline of the spirit.


Serene Atmosphere

Spacious Campus cum Class Rooms

Safe Schooling

Xseed syllabus for Pre KG to V Grade

Co-curricular and Extra curricular activities

Field trips to up grade observation competencies